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Elke-2015-2-cr Program Director at American Chamber of Commerce
Board Member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council
Ambassador of the 2041 Foundation

Team Member International Antarctic Expedition 2015
My name is Elke Roelant, born in Belgium (1977), living in the Netherlands since 1999. I work as a Program Director for the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands – a lobby and networking platform for American companies in the Netherlands. Ten years ago, I switched to the business world and I have since then been amazed by the incredible energy, dynamism and intellectual capacity that is gathered here. Businesses truly are a driving force in this world, and they have the power to make a difference. Innovations of the past decades have already altered the ways in which we connect, share our lives, learn, travel, work, bank, shop, organize ourselves, produce – and lots of potential is still waiting to be explored. New collaborations arise between companies, knowledge institutes, individuals, societies and governments and they bring to life much more than each of them could ever accomplish separately.Over the past years, I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with many companies. It is exciting to see that many of them have the ambition to find solutions for our world’s challenges – both out of necessity and aspiration. An awareness is rising that we have to be more clever, take our planet and our people into account and come up with answers that are different from the ones once thought out.I believe that change is happening in this world. A new awareness is rising, also in the business world. At the same time, we should realize that change is necessary and there is urgency.Being part of the International Antarctic Expedition was an unforgettable experience – inspiring and impactful. A life-changing event that made me only more convinced of the need to act now.

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